Making of Documentary – “Inside The Sensation of Sight,” Clip 1 of 5

Documentarian Ron Wyman created a 30-minute video called “Inside The Sensation of Sight,” which is featured in its entirety on The Sensation of Sight DVD. An intimate look at the making of the movie, it explores the relationships and collaboration between the cast and production team on a unique 18-day shoot in Peterborough, NH.

This clip looks at writer/director Aaron J. Wiederspahn and his collaboration with award-winning cinematographer Christophe Lanzenberg (who won Best Cinematography for The Sensation of Sight at the Durban International Film Festival held in South Africa).

Clip 2: David Strathairn commenting on his role as Finn

Clip 3: Tony Award actress Jane Adams as Alice

Clip 4: David Strathairn talks about the making of The Sensation of Sight while executive producer Buzz McLaughlin and writer/director Aaron J. Wiederspahn talk about David Strathairn

Clip 5: Strathairn and Wiederspahn talk about what The Sensation of Sight attempts to portray, along with a glimpse at Strathairn’s final day on the shoot.

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