The Best Payoff of All

Since the release of The Sensation of Sight we’ve received countless comments and reviews from what appear to be ordinary movie lovers around the globe. Here’s an example that posted last week on IMDb at the start of 2011:

“Well, this is kind of an odd movie. A group of people, all in some kind of emotional turmoil, meet and as the movie evolves you find out that they all have something in common. Now, I’m not good at interpreting stuff and I’m not sure if I’ve got this one right. But nevertheless it has touched something deep inside me. This movie is so beautiful, depicting the chaos on the inside of supposedly normal people. It has great acting, beautiful pictures and a touching story. Finally a movie without the usual drama and love stories.  If you are looking for something out of the ordinary, something unique, I will recommend this movie.”

In a lot of ways this is the best “payment” a filmmaker can get. Happy 2011.


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